There are so many possibilities on a wedding day. Using light to create dark and moody photographs is easier than you think. When you shut your flash off and meter for the details, you find yourself creating a much deeper story. I’ve never really liked flash, even lighting really bores me. I love to capture the mood of the day and not add in anything fake -including light. Of course you’ll need it for portraits, but the documentary, storytelling images of the day can be played with a bit more than most seem to do. Try it, you’ll see how your images evoke new emotions. And you’ll surprise yourself with how different and more complex your images turn out!

Delta Wedding Photographer dark and moody photography tips


Something exciting is happening over here. I’m calling it Big (little) News. I am launching Fine Art Photography for Children. Inspired by my own littles, I am now offering fine art portraits for children right here in lVancouver. If you are interested in learning more, please sign up for my newsletter (just on the newsletter link) and I will connect with you. This is where all my communication is going to be:)

Fine Art Portraits for Children