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Over the past 8 months, I have been writing and editing, writing and editing, writing and editing. It’s all very exciting! I have been carefully piecing together a new book for aspiring wedding photographers. The book is a concept that has never been done before, but before I give too much away, I will stop there 😉 I honestly can’t wait to get this book done and have it in the hands of new wedding photographers – helping to guide them through the wedding day!!

I encourage you to head over to my Instagram feed or my Facebook page to see more of my latest images being posted from recent shoots. Because my book has taken up so much of my writing time, my blog has taken a bit of a back seat here. Though I have much to share with you, it will have to wait for a little bit longer.

Thanks for stopping by, and if you are interested in learning more about my book, get in touch! I can’t wait to share this with you:)

Keep being beautiful, keep shining your light!


A little glimpse into the wedding of Ada & Michael; two incredible kind and lovely souls with a love of laughter. Their wedding was held at Brock House in Vancouver. It’s pretty any time of the year. Decor is by Imagine That Events, who I adore working with, and these stunning flowers are by Kelly over at Dunbar Flowers. Loved ones travel far and wide to be here. I truly enjoyed photographing every minute of their wedding. It was such and honour and every time I photograph people I find so much more to love about life. I hope you do too just by seeing these.

Brockhouse Wedding  VancouverBrockhouse Wedding 02Brockhouse Wedding 03Brockhouse Wedding 04Brockhouse Wedding 05Brockhouse Wedding 06Brockhouse Wedding 07Brockhouse Wedding 08Brockhouse Wedding 09Brockhouse Wedding 10Brockhouse Wedding 11Brockhouse Wedding 12Brockhouse Wedding 13Brockhouse Wedding 14Brockhouse Wedding 15Brockhouse Wedding 16Brockhouse Wedding 17Brockhouse Wedding 18Brockhouse Wedding 19Brockhouse Wedding 20Brockhouse Wedding 21Brockhouse Wedding 22Brockhouse Wedding 23Brockhouse Wedding 24Brockhouse Wedding 25Brockhouse Wedding 26Brockhouse Wedding 27Brockhouse Wedding 28Brockhouse Wedding 29Brockhouse Wedding 30Brockhouse Wedding 31Brockhouse Wedding 32Brockhouse Wedding 33Brockhouse Wedding 34Brockhouse Wedding 35Brockhouse Wedding 36Brockhouse Wedding 37Brockhouse Wedding 38Brockhouse Wedding 39Brockhouse Wedding 40Brockhouse Wedding 41Brockhouse Wedding 42Brockhouse Wedding 43Brockhouse Wedding 44Brockhouse Wedding 45Brockhouse Wedding 46Brockhouse Wedding 47Brockhouse Wedding 48Brockhouse Wedding 49Brockhouse Wedding 50Brockhouse Wedding 51Brockhouse Wedding 52Brockhouse Wedding 53